The Foundation University Journal of Business & Economcs (FUJBE) is the academic research journal of the “Foundation Business & Economics Research Center” of Foundation University Islamabad, Rawalpindi Campus (Pakistan). The Journal publishes theoretical and empirical research papers in management, finance, human resource management, marketing and economics, and all other related disciplines of management and social sciences.


FUJBE’s goals are to inform the academic, business, and public policy communities of the results of relevant current research; to provide expert analysis of current events and reviews of literature in the field; and to add to the business literature material suitable for academics, executives, and professionals.

New innovative concepts, ideas and practices about businesses, industry, and management related disciplines are therefore welcomed. The submitted articles are undergone through a double-peer review; the first evaluation is carried out by the FUJBE Editorial Advisory/Working Committee consisting of members from each relevant discipline, and the second review by peer referees and experts working in the related fields in Pakistan and abroad.